Ooh La La Language!

Ask any foreign language instructor and they’ll tell you how hard it is to find a good textbook. They are always frustratingly outdated because normally, by the time a textbook is even released, earnest attempts to include current cultural references are already old news. It’s impossibly chaotic to sift through old vernacular and pop culture references in the middle of the school day when a million other things are already on your plate; so, I threw the old textbook out the window and decided to make my own. No history, no culture, nothing but French. My textbook will change whenever the language changes, and considering it took them 28 years to decide to change the spelling of onion, I think the book will be safe for at least a little while. Since there is so much more to language than simply language, this blog will serve as a supplemental resource for my new textbook. I’ll be filling my little corner of the internet with history, culture, and innovative approaches to foreign language education. One of my goals is to make this textbook both affordable and consumable (meaning each student will get their own copy to keep). Stay tuned for textbook updates and blog posts along the way!

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  1. This really is a fantastic idea, Lisa! ❤️ I just realized there was a blog here, connected to IG pics:) I am a little slowww 🙈Now I am off to read the rest! ☺️

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